Follicular Unit Transplantation NYC

Follicular Unit Transplantation procedures are increasingly becoming a popular hair restoration method. This technique entails transplanting the natural hair of the patient into the balding and thinning areas. It enables patients whose hair loss problem is extensive to regain a fuller hair head without causing too much trauma to their scalp.

Dr. Thomas Law is a highly skilled and experienced NYC hair transplant surgeon. He works with a skilled and experienced team of medical technicians to perform all FUT hair transplant procedures at our facility.

Over the years, this team has provided life-changing treatments using this hair transplant method. Having performed countless FUT procedures, Dr. Law continues to refine this process and make the results of this technique highly predictable.

Overview of Our FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

Follicular Unit Transplantation is basically a surgical procedure that entails transplantation of hair from a permanent zone, which is basically the sides and back of the scalp, to balding or bald areas of the patient’s scalp. This procedure is accomplished using the naturally-occurring groups of hairs, known as the follicular units.

When performing this procedure, Dr. Law starts by anesthetizing the scalp of the patient. This is followed by the removal of a tissue strip from the selected donor area in the permanent zone. After this extraction, the donor strip is eventually cut into several follicular units. A microscopic dissection method is used to cut the donor strip.

While preparing the follicular units, the doctor makes small holes or recipient sites on the scalp of the patients. This is where the follicular units or grafts are eventually placed. The positioning and arrangement of the follicular units determines the final, aesthetic qualities. As such, this arrangement is decided in advance on a case-by-case basis.

To achieve excellent results from FUT procedure, Dr. Law considers the hair loss history of the patient as well as the possibility of hair loss in the future. Since FUT hair transplant mimics the natural hair growth trend, the result is a completely natural look. In fact, the transplanted hair is indistinguishable from the original hair of the patient.

follicular unit transplantation nyc

Recovery and Results

Once you undergo FUT hair transplant procedure at our facility, you can leave bandage-free with minimal or unnoticeable signs of hair transplant surgery on your donor area. In most cases, the existing hair of the patient coves both the donor stitches and recipient areas. However, you may opt to wear a baseball cap that is adjustable after undergoing this procedure. If you want to be discreet about your treatment, you can take an off from work.

After recovery, you will have natural, fuller hair on your head with minimal or unnoticeable scarring. Dr. Law and our team of competent medical technicians perform FUT procedures at our Staten Island office with utmost precision and care. And this reduces scarring significantly.


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